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Representative Cases:

  • Defense of claim for unpaid wages against restaurant.
  • Prosecution of breach of contract claim against real estate broker.
  • Wrongful death claim against large local government.
  • Premises liability lawsuit against fortune 500 company.
  • Product liability lawsuit against large manufacturer.
  • Personal Injury Litigation against incarcerated felon.
  • Insurance coverage Declaratory Judgment action.
  • Successful Appeal to the Fourth Circuit on Federal Tort Claims Act matter.
  • Litigation against federal contractor for defective construction resulting in injury to soldier.
  • Eviction action against hoarder.
  • Defense of president of unincorporated association against member lawsuit.
  • Claim for conversion of boat.
  • Claim for conversion of corporate funds.
  • Assault claim for minor against martial arts instructor.


Civil litigation often involves the enforcement of a personal right in court.  Civil law includes tort law, like personal injury, but there are many other types of civil law, including contract, landlord tenant (evictions), family law, estate planning, and real estate.  Civil litigation attorneys file lawsuits and also provide lawsuit defense.

In Virginia, civil claims for less than $25,000 can sometimes be handled in a general district court, which is faster and less expensive than circuit court.  In circuit court, a jury may be demanded and there is no cap on the amount that can be sued for.  The parties are entitled to discovery, including depositions, in circuit court.

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Why hire a personal injury lawyer for civil ligitation?
Personal injury lawyers frequently litigate against large insurance companies and governments, and therefore must litigate efficiently.